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Oscar opened Dr. Repair at 7331 Collins Ave. in the year 2007 and has been running it with his family ever since. Back then, it was called Bohemia Kafe, and magazines and used books were sold, computer use was rented, and Oscar repaired computers from his upstairs office. You can see the traces of the shop's bohemian beginnings in the art that is still displayed on its walls.

Since its start as a cybercafe and computer repair shop, Dr. Repair gradually moved along with the rest of the planet into the world of cellphones. Our staff has been keeping up to date with the workings and developments of all mobile technology since the release of the very first smartphones. Gradually, the electronics repair and sales portion of the store gained prevalence. The repair stations were brought downstairs and now sit in the back of the store where you can see the geniuses at work!

Our dedication to customer attention kept us in business through tough years for the city and and the entire country. Now Dr. Repair is a pilar of the community, a point of reference in North Beach. So come in, bring your phone for repair, upgrade or visit our store and experience the warmth our family is ready to provide!

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